Considering the nature of the CD key we sell, a refund is possible, but a deadline of 7 days may be necessary for us to check if the code is not used.

Refunds or credits will be issued solely at GolaGames’ discretion. Refunds may be offered if all the following conditions are met:

– The time of your request for refund is no more than 7 days from time of purchase

– The game has not been activated or downloaded

– The game activation key (including any bonus or beta keys) have not been disclosed to you by email or webpage

– We find your request reasonable due to special circumstances

Please note: This means that NO refunds will be offered for MMO titles, Steam, UPlay and Origin titles where the key has been disclosed to you or sent by e-mail. All such sales are final.


If, in the unlikely event you receive a key that does not activate your game, simply Contact Us at [email protected] and we will check the key for you. In most of the cases, a key that does not allow you to activate your game will be an error in transmission, for example a spelling error in the cd key code. So please simply write to us, and we will double check the key and re-send it.